In odds with Nutrition

A couple of days ago, my best friend went on narrating a case study on health and nutrition, that she was made to write as part of her IGNOU assignment. The narrative goes on like-“A young girl in her teens is going to college. You are required to pack a meal for her. The meal must include all the nutrients in balanced proportion and you have to state the quantity later on. What would you make for her? What are the nutrients you will consider filling and in what amount”?

This narrative brought in my mind space, a range of questions. The dominant of those being, ‘Why is the focus laid on a young girl and not other ages‘ I could not really opine on these question. I calmed my thoughtful self by reacting, “Interesting, uh. These academics do give us such pieces of story lines to distract us from our momentum for delivering urgent assignments. Nothing new with this too”.

I do know, had it been a narrative on how a guy proposes a girl and things he does to make her fall for him, I would have definitely paused and loved to know more of the content. I am certain that most of us would share this tendency. Agree? Also, I do not want to shift back my emphasis from nutrition to romanticism. No.

However, it is likely of us to gain a bit of consciousness when we happen to hear such anecdotes. We begin to think of our health realities. Do I feel fit about me? Am I too fat? How do I burn more calories? More often than not, we panic when we realize, ‘Oh shoot, I do have some grave health issues. Could I not think of twice before consuming those garb junk‘.

This blog isn’t a prophecy to ‘eat healthy, stay healthy‘ but more on the need to consider a good health in mind and dealing accordingly. We do know keeping good health is key to a good life. We do understand the benefits of fruits and vegetables that we find around. Nevertheless, we fail to make them a part of daily dietary routine. We rather think deeply of our daily lifestyle than life in general. Today, most of our cities have now become prey to the specificity of zomato, swiggy, etc which help you satisfy your stomach just for the time being with the ideal orders of sandwiches, rolls, momos, wraps, pizza. I am no exception to the general public. We all are, in fact. But the point here, is to actually pause and think what good are we doing to our bodies. Is the diet that we consume worth it? You never know how grave impacts these unhealthy food habits can have on our body in the the long run.

Recently, I was opportune to have witnessed a Penguin book launch by a popular figure Yuval Noah Harari for his book, “21 Lessons for The 21st Century“. He categorically spoke in his speech that “People in the existing scenario are dying more because of obesity than due to hunger and malnutrition” The problem is not due to resource crunch but for the resource curse that the greedy survival is exploiting.

Hence, let’s not forget that we are vulnerable mankind if we are not careful enough with our resources and health in particular. This is the least that we can do.

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  1. a days it’s much more important to be healthy and happy…so I started following the footprints of this blog.😊

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