Consistency in life; such a play-pause manual

Don’t we want our tasks to be accomplished? We also often do go by our plans meticulously. But we fail to give it a winning shot. What happens?

These days hearing, “First things first” at any space has become quite a buzz phrase for me. I am sure most of you would relate to it in some or the other context. This phrase definitely has an impact as we tend to become a bit alert and and tend to incline our focus on our pursuits when we hear this.

Let’s first have a look on what it means!

  • It seeks to emphasize that the best thing to do at any point of time is to look for what is the most urgent thing to do at the moment and finish it.
  • It creates a sense of fear within you mocking, ‘Hey, look! If you don’t give importance to this, you are doomed. Would you want to hold tight this burden of pending targets in your chest or just do it away and breathe free..
  • You know, you don’t have just this one thing to do in life but a plethora of to-do bugs in head.

Oh, well! Possible remedies? Many, actually!!

Of all the ways to fix your progress, consistency does play a key role. The need for it has already been referred in the previous lines that substantiated the need for doing the most urgent and the most important things first.

Consistency is when you do things without a break or keep a tab of your work very regularly. It entails that you are clear headed and focused in your aim. It makes your approach a lot more easier, as you will hold more knowledge for your task. Eventually, you succeed. Yay!

Now you know your ingredients to success. You can easily bag it to use for your targets. But you often don’t. Sigh!! What happens actually?

Consistency, as we understand, is more of a chained effort. It is about being constant and focused in your work. Hence, you can’t subject it to mere excuses in life and procrastination, as it happens by us like it’s a natural tendency.

Also, Goethe has said, “Life is action and not contemplation”. What brings us more closer to a feat is consistency added to that action we ought to perform.

Everyday, we are distracted by multitudes of things; often petty in nature. We divert so easily that we forget the real purpose of our time, of our energy for the time being. Nowadays, there is no lack of avenues where we cannot sit and grit it out. We have more and more variants of spaces created, especially the social media space.

We easily get fatigued by our tasks and in no time, we direct our minds to entertainment. We lose sight of what actually needs to be done. we do forget why it is important for us to be focused for the work and how it can reward us. We make it a ‘I can do attitude and push it far for the last bell.

Hence, we remain average and end up internalizing our consequences, despite having resources and ideas worth a good shot.


It is therefore, highly imperative to have consistency in life. If you are seeking your goal, seek it to the fullest. Stop being a naysayer for in-moment action.

Because life is a tough deal,

And, only you can make it,

A happy and successful one.

Be consistent..At least in 1/2 of our endeavors. Good luck!!!

A writer, local guide, fitness freak, environmental enthusiast, a social worker....

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