Kitchen-life; Passion & how grit changes our lives? Here is a chef’s story that says it all…

Manash Mallick; chef at Hotel Waldorf Astoria, Ral Al Khaimah, UAE….

Born in a humble family from a small town in Balasore, Odisha; this Indian guy is now a chef at Hotel Waldorf Astoria. This hotel has won as the World Travel Awards 2019 as Ras Al Khaimah’s Leading Resort, the Business Traveler Middle East Awards 2018 as the Best Business Hotel in Sharjah & Northern Emirates, Condé Nast Traveller Middle East Readers’ Choice Awards 2017 as Favorite Middle East Hotel for Families and many others.

Manash completed his schooling from a government high school at his town and later he joined government ITI centre to learn preservation of fruits and vegetables. This is the stage where he developed interest in cooking and making something of this kind as his career option.

He moved on to join the Central Institute of Hotel Management and Catering in Bhubaneswar for studying hotel management. He finished his course by the year 2008.

Being a son of a driver, he hardly had any such financial securities. He started his career as a kitchen operation trainee at Mayfair hotel, Gangtok. His first salary that he earned here was just 3000 bucks.

His good work gave him a break and it was an opportune moment as he joined One and Only Royal Mirage, Dubai as a pastry chef.

After 3 years, he joined Waldorf Astoria where he still works.

Because having passion is all about finding meaning in life…nuh? What better than exploring-self and raising it high to levels of sustenance!

Why this story?

The read-up for the above lines would certainly sound indifferent. Didn’t it?

Well, it is not really so.

Oh well! But how?

As we go deeper into things we find realities which are way beyond our beliefs and normal assumptions. Because behind every story is a back story; a back story that speaks the grinding.

It wasn’t easy for this lower middle-class boy from a small town of Odisha to make it big at a distant foreign land. There is no such acceptance for continuing with something like passion at a place like this. Of course, this is no belittling of the place. There are varied sections where the notion that children should grow up to become a doctor, an engineer, lawyer, other professional jobs, etc still exist. Isn’t it so?

So! Passion for making a living? True

When you know where your passion lies in, you are clear about what you really want from yourself in life?

Passion is that one thing which makes you feel that you can give your lifetime doing for your passion. They give a sense of satisfaction as in you think you are doing what you really wanted to do for long. They also make you understand that at the end what matters is how happy are you and not about how much have you abled to please others with what what they expect from you.

I recall my brother saying me, “There are also authors who spend their entire lifetime in creating that one masterpiece book of theirs. They aren’t fools but great minds who believe what prospects their work holds once it is achieved”. We do have many such examples and these creations are eternal. I admire Harper Lee for that matter.❤

If you closely observe the lines, there is a lot that comes out.

The chef’s lead was just another example of people fighting back against challenges and not deciding to stay back.

 "If you want to have a meaningful life,you have to earn it. And following passion can be a true comrade"...

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