Your still mind enjoys a feel; the feel beyond words and expressions, when it’s in the creative run…


Oh mind! Plz bear with the uncertainties of the world,

For diversions pave the way for your sail!

Once when they hurt,

another when they make you strong…

Now, at a safer place.

You learned the world in a better way,

For expectations un-fuel your drive,

And you are cruised to go mad at times.

Is it so real to be left alone?

For you get no eyes to see your despair,

For you turn your face to close your teary eyes.

And you step ahead with just your own self.

True to the truth, a mighty fall often saves,

For happy endings must precede a troubled story.

For a story must succeed a ‘bring back life spirit’.

And you crawl, if not walk to quell the tough realities…

The above poem is a repost, though…This was written quite a long years back, when for a moment all I felt like doing was to jot down all I was wondering. Those were the years, when I had just stepped into the real world and I was just too naive to understand the world and it’s realities. I could see people’s view and behaviour was changing everydev and I just couldn’t figure out if they are good or bad people. Hence, the poem…🤦

I went on with the vibes, I wrote this poem.

At this day, as I repost this, the memories flood my cognitive space like a joyful sea…(P.S. I am doing a solo train journey back to my workspace, and I am not feeling borrd, rather just so happy for shaping a part of my experiences). This is unusual.

It’s all about enjoying the tracks…Fill meanings.

There are phases in life when you know your work, you know your worth but are afraid of the world as to how would it react. This confrontation might cost you a lifetime of embarrassments and growing inhibitions. However, you also know that other the self-doubt factor, everything else is placed in order. And hence, we just need to push ourselves well.

You see! It’s no different a thing…it has got quite a lot to do with each of us.

To sum up with,

A surprise is when you find out your passion, contentment is when you seek it and happiness is knowing you are still into the dive“.

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