Hope v/s Expectations…..Why hope wins?

Yellow thread tied around the tree for wish fulfillment….

Hope and Expectation are distinct yet commonly and interchangeably used terminologies. We use these terms on day-to-day basis in various contexts. It appears in our plans, exists in our discussions and even becomes part of a good sleep.

When we say, “I hope it works out well” and “I expect it to work out well”, there is a big difference between them both.


When we expect something to happen, we often fall prey of diving ourselves in the world of imagination and visualisation beyond the level of necessity and more than what we actually deserve to get. We often live in contemplation. This certainly kills the present time we hold with us, that could enable some action.

It later becomes too late to realise that the time was worth acting on it and not just dreaming about it.

We are then left with quite little time with us, to do the needed on that part. Thus, more often, we end up doing things hastily and do it just for the sake of sense of completion and not the concrete plan we had started the work with.

We end up losing and someone else kisses the victory.

We eventually normalise things and accept that we are average and create ideas as to thinking that those who succeed are indeed different breed altogether.

Thus expectation hardly give us space to work or even think for the ladder steps and about how to go about it in life.

Hope, on the other hand covers few golden aspects for us. They don’t betray us by showing things we don’t wish to see. This doesn’t, however entails that it gives us what we want. Does it?

With hope at place, following things tend to happen:

• A certain sense of hope doesn’t make us stuck to just thoughts of actions conquered but also give a kick as to why it’s needed to even show some effort to keep the hope alive about able to stepping on that path

Hope gives us more positive vibes about the task at hand or efforts concerted.

•It also gives a sense of trying to look for options to explore if at all the desired target could not be met. This implies if you are hopeful, you will try to reach at least somewhere near to the goal if not exactly the bull’s eye.

•Thus hope prepares you for your aspirations with not just an action plan but actuated actions as well.

Relationships….Why hope works better than expectations?

It is quite commonly seen that, in relationships, partners expect a lot from each other. This often hurt them especially when things doesn’t happen the way it is expected. This fuels mistrust and growing arguments and distances….

Few things in life upon which we don’t have control upon, happen the way they are meant to happen and not in the manner we expect them to be. We can just hope for things to be alright and put in some effort to make it real..

Expect not the thing, that you can’t do a bit about it, rather hope and work… It takes a lot for falling in stars if not the moon. But the simple understanding of why to hope and not expect can certainly take us a long way in life….

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