Why failing in relationships can be a game-changer in life?

Love your reality; love your self….

Grey shades in life always have a great role in making us what we intend to be. We have stories of great personalities and success, who are witnesses to hard struggles in life.

For some, the journey to right action starts when we realise that nothing but our goodness and involvement in developing our own self can help us.

This post tries to emphasis on how relationships shape our way of life.

It becomes quite hard to get over the pain of a not so good going relationship. For instance, you finally happen to get the one you have loved for so long. There was a phase in your life where all you wanted was just to make his/her as yours. You also happen to be loved by the very person.

This is happiness, right? The joy of such feelings is beyond metaphors.


But as you start staying together or decide firmly that you are giving your all for that one person, things seem to change.

In most of the cases, the good times spent and the good memories created fall prey to individual issues such as attitude, ego, anger, etc. These certainly affect the bonding between the two.

Couples do try to sort out such issues with conversations and communication with time. But, what if the scene repeats itself over and over again.

There comes a phase when you realise that you are not really happy with your partner . This isn’t because of some assumptions like he/she has found someone else, but because of the sheer fact that both are not compatible enough.

Although, the feeling of love is boundless and you care for your partner as before, you eventually arrive at this thinking that things may go wrong just anytime and it’s not necessary that you have your ways to make through it whenever it happens.

You start feeling lonely despite having the feeling of love; you grow strong sense of compact as in you are not really comfortable sharing your views and your day’s work with your partner. This repeats itself many a times and you say you are done with it .

You prefer to stay alone.

But, is staying alone a good option or something that can help you? Certainly yes.

Oh, how?

Living alone doesn’t mean cutting out of the social ties you have but just the understanding and firming of mind that conversing with your partner is in a way or other harming you either emotionally or other reasons.

Choosing to be alone entails living with your own self; investing your time and energy in yourselves and on the things you love to do.

Turning point, right?

This dims of relationship ushers us to the light of a life where we actually get chance for self discovery. Many a times, we do know what we are passionate about in life such as writing, dancing, sports, etc. But we hardly centre our focus on them. We rather deliberately sail with the emotional drive of relationships (especially the not so good ones).

So , it’s time to realise that by choosing self over a painful relationship , we get the following key gifts for ourselves-

You get the freedom to go about how you want to deal with your passion. Passion is something you love doing and think of day and night.

Your mind is blank and hence you tend to think more creatively and clearly as you don’t have clutters to mess with you.

You are now a more dedicated and a focussed self. This is what the world needs, right? Given this age of high competition, you must be ready to prove your worth. And that with a better knowledge about yourself, you can ease your way, be it in any aspect.

There are a lot more to the benefits. But as we know, “Everything comes with a price”. Hence, even such decisions may cost you a lot.

It isn’t about money but

the patience to be true to your journey,

self control when it comes to being too emotional and crying for the person who is no more thinking of you .

Believing that holding back isn’t an option and that developing self is the key.

The journey to self-love is all about healing your self, until you find the right one…

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