The 30 days 4 a.m. challenge…..

A habit that rewards

I find it amazing to recall my days when I would have managed to wake up early and active. It feels so good, Noh?

Such days, however, appear once in a blue moon for most of us as we hardly think deep of life; a good life in particular.

The list of books showing success stories of crazy great people by one simple rule of waking early is endless…These people believe firmly in going to bed early and wake up before 6am.

“Waking up early is not something that you earn but something that you learn. This happens when you are focused on developing yourself”.

I can claim many such instances where I would write it down somewhere or make a resolve to get up early, etc. Funny, right?

Well, I guess many of you would fall in this category πŸ˜€..Haha

Now, when it comes to speaking of a 30days 4am challenge, isn’t it something that has already appeared and vanished in our plans many a times already? The answer would be a loud yes‘…

And how many days do we actually able to maintain this routine? Not many days, I am certain…

Oh, well. This blog in no way is a guide to help keep going through the routine for a month. However, the emphasis is more on why ‘now is the time’ to develop this crazy habit in life…

The last week hasn’t been a good time for me. You know, it happens when you join a new workplace, staying, new people, new schedule to follow. What furthers this is the observed fact that when things happen to us all of a sudden, and we can’t keep to the pace of the day, we start feeling low. Low about ourselves.


This is because we don’t really understand as to the things that are happening in the day’s tick….As a lot is going on and the moment you learn to get the trick, life then surprises with another such jerks. πŸ™„

What next? Looking for strategies, right!!!

Hence, I felt joining this 4am club would help me. This thought came along with just a simple experience of such a practice in the past during my college days.

With a 4am rise, I could make it to the best of my days. I did this religiously for a month.

Also, since I don’t study lives, I find it easier to just relate this with my own experience…πŸ˜›

Let’s start!!!!

β€’ A lot of time to keep up with my studies for exams and active leisurely readings.

β€’The thought of fitness came with this. Even though I studied for 2hours, I still had the fresh morning to go for running, yoga, meditation, etc.

Health enriching fitness routine before the sun rises…

β€’ I stopped wasting my time by going to bed early. I was party free. This also saved money and time.

β€’ Those were real cheerful days. It did cause my mental wellbeing.

β€’ The last but not the least, I was enjoying this feeling that ‘I am doing something extraordinary and nice’, since most of my friends used to be awake till late night for no good reasons.

Hahaha…Not a monologue but relatable stuffs though.. I wonder😌

This is just the first day for me.. And I am going to continue this for at least a month. You already know, it takes 21days to build a habit. So here’s the 30days challenge.

Because, it is the moment in our lives that needs a change; a change for good. We speak of acceptance of how we are but that is too generalizing and people don’t really get the context . (And goes wrong like, I am lazy, accept me the way I am..Umm, it happens).

When there is room for personal growth, more is better.


Let’s roll through this journey together...

Start with the idea that you are going to add more things to your day; meaningful things. A good life is at ease as an early morning habit also rewards by bringing great positivity within us… Let’s find our best selves…






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