Yoga-cum-Music Day; When the Best of Things Unite….

The healing combo; yoga & music…...

Who doesn’t admire somebody who is fit and super-flexible? Such an aura they create. Come on, don’t we hold them as our inspirations and that moment itself fills us with delight and motivation?

These days ”remaining fit has become quite sort of a mantra and everyone aspires to be in it. Google and YouTube is filled with such ”’how to” searches, isn’t it?

Not just that, we can easily find at least one individual in our communities who is into a fitness regime or so on. Like when my elder brother told, he wakes up around 3.a.m and does yoga to build strength and momentum for learning calisthenics, I was amazed. I mean, that’s insanely crazy but just so much to life and self.


Oh, wait!!!

It’s not about targetting to develop such incredible strength like the above picture shows. All of us are working in different realms of life and career, hence we can’t afford much time to go that deep. Correct?

Nevertheless, we can at least make yoga a way of life. The positives of yoga furthers when we know and think, “Yoga for all“. This includes the children, adults, women and even the senior citizens. Now isn’t that great?

I tried to do something in similar lines during my field work days recently. We were given a community to work with. I had to decide what kind of activity would I like to do with the people over there.

It took me some time to figure out my domain of work. I found that I am more at ease with the elderly women who are really nice folks.

Yoga and meditation with the community elderly women in the slums of Mumbai..

I thought I could help them learn yoga as it would certainly benefit them. I had been practicing yoga for a couple of years. My fellow yoga mates back then also included few senior citizens.

However, they just used to come for yoga to relax and self-time. They hardly had family stress or much of work to do as they used to tell me. However, community elderlies here are those who find no self time as they are mostly into domestic works in and around Mumbai.

When combined, yoga and music forms such a wonderful therapy, isn’t it?

These slum senior citizens have developed certain health issues such as joint pains, bodyaches amongst others.

Hence, I went on with the idea of yoga for them till I am through with my field work tenure i.e 6months

They showed up quite willingly and enjoyed being into the routine.

It wasn’t just yoga but a session for laughter, great conversations and their struggle stories. This has been quite a memory for me...

What really cheered me is that after 3 months of practice, the warm elderlies had actually become flexible as compared to the beginning level. They exclaimed that they feel so good and positive about themselves.

‘Yoga for all’ !!!! This experience helped me understand this well…😊

While yoga bestows with inner peace, music gives a good mood.

“Why not have a heartful, happy and positive life with yoga? Anyways, music is there whenever you need recreation”.

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  1. You have done the best thing that you could do to those elderly women!
    Keep doing good and grow higher!

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