Relationship; the question of how well do I know you?


Sometimes, it’s just with the increasingly closer understanding of our lives that makes us feel how we are shaped by people around us. ..

As we enter a large crowd either for our work, education or any sphere, we eventually become part of a group that we could connect ourselves to the most. This doesn’t, however, implies that we alienate ourselves with the others. The fact is just that we tend to develop comfort with our own groups more than the others.

This blog post is a flow to the emotions developed after meeting few people in my lives quite recently. We accept the fact that if there is some good, there is also a possibility of bad and vice-versa. In the same manner, I say that there are people who stay real to you and some who cannot.

The uncanny, however is that we sometimes get hurt more by the people we are close to us rather than those who are quite strange to us.

Like in a relationship, we keep on doing things for our loved ones with a hope that it might save our relationships we are into. This is quite a tried and tested attempt by most of us, I assert. Nonetheless, it hardly works out the way desired.

I mean come’on,, love isn’t a nut that you would hammer and it will stay within them. It’s a feeling, and it all depends on what your partner wants from you and his/her attitude towards you to be precise.

However, a common sharing to most of us in love is that we love to give ourselves time to cry and think deeply for them, despite the pain, the rough scratches left by petty unsubstantial arguments, fights, misunderstanding. We keep thinking it would change.

Further, in such deep dark hours of gloomy mood due to things not happening well, especially in relationships, we barely turn up for things that could rather provide some light to our lives. Instead, we fondly sit idle and do nothing but cry in pain. Hence, it takes some more time to get over the situation.

One thing that I have observed so far is that more than any other stress in life which are real and affecting us harshly, we think less of them. Instead, thinking of a rough relationship comes more naturally. Isn’t is the case?

What’s more? The emotional scenario described above is not gender specific. And hence, it’s really funny too. Be it a boy or a girl, if it’s about true love to somebody and things not happening in a way expected ; the suffering and pains affects their mindscapes for long.

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