A Stretch For The Language; English…


I used to think I have this mastery over the great language English. I grew up; moved across cities; my assumption about myself changed. A passion for the language that I held until my city life, suddenly went into oblivion. I used to be a master of elocution. Now I don’t feel the same about me anymore.

A new city; a new range of people. So is the range of new events for a new institution. All that I hear is new and standard English words used so commonly as a slang. Huh! How so comfortably? I wonder how come my world changed this fast.

I observed that many from elite schools and such background are just so fluent in spoken English. The need to learn knocked deep because I could find me nowhere in the community. So, I put in efforts to level up my skills in the domain.

As I went ahead with my concern and focus, I met a variety of friends who could relate to my situation. Eventually, I learnt the dynamics. I was not alone.

We joined hands; we tried learning together. In the process, I got to know so much. And we attempted to work and think in English besides our informal conversations. ….

An ode to the language

To me, English is more of a love that I enjoy being with. I recall those childhood days when I used to read aloud any book that I could find at home. There are days when I would ask a friend to just give me a topic. Then I would frame few lines out of it or just a couple of rhyming lines. The fun fact is that I was so happy with just these.

As I stand now, I wonder how long have I come over. From a small town to the city of dreams(Mumbai). I owe this knowledge of English among other things to give me voice, to free my expressions.

Could you relate?

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