A Sound Sleep for a Sound Mind…

Sleep deprivation prevents us from having a good, active day ahead…

Lately, I started putting in efforts to reform my life at least in few aspects such as proper food intake, exercise, early morning, etc. My strict routine demanded me to get up early around 4’0 clock. With this, I could access a space for self; a space where I could work on my tasks and plan well for life given I always remain busy for the entire day. Also, it becomes exhaustive of your self to think clearly and organize ideas when we are back from work…Noh?

It’s been a month since I started my day at 4 am sharp.. The truth is that there are a dozens of days when I could not make it to an early morning. You can read about the blog here https://freelifts.org/2019/06/20/the-30-days-4-a-m-challenge/

By and large, I am glad that I took such a hard decision at this phase of my life. This phase when I am at the crossroads of career and studies. My days are packed till late evenings. Amidst these, I had no time for self study, assignments self-care and a space or time to enable self to throw myself out for a positive dip.

No journey with a great end-point consists of easy trail roads. The real challenges coming across have to be met to actualize anything that we are trying hard for.

And so was this!

When you lose sleep!

I managed to get early in most days ; a routine that I followed and has become natural over a period of time. I am a happy morning person.

However, the fun and thrill is still not real. Why?

This is because, I made myself to get up early with or without having a good sound sleep in the night. This brought in another phase in life where I was focused on my work, ready to understand , grasp things and learnt how to do things the way they are supposed to be done.

I turn off the lights, try sleeping by 10′ 0 clock. But, it’s just the eyes that are shut, not something which is in any way a real state of sleepiness. The sleep is not welcomed and what surfaces across is the thought full of day’s activities, somebody’s shouting out, some incident of long long past, petty fights, emotional stuffs and a lot other.

Finding sleep is a kind of struggle

The mobile is switched off long before I go to bed. The alarm clock being the only feature in demand.. No personal issues since I am neither married nor am in a relationship­čśĆ…­čśé But still it takes around 2 hours or even more for the thoughts to settle down and the sleepy conscience to take over…That feels like a real pain. A pain of getting up early with not much energy. I looked around for a lot of early sleeping tips online, but I couldn’t be helped for real.

I would be more than happy if you guys do share on how to fix this sleep disorder thing…

Like we erase the negatives,

Sleep clears off the day’s stress.

As important as food, and so should it be as timely…

Working on your self will teach you a lot

Just begin your day with a good sound sleep.