Forsaking the pizza temptation….

Cheese-burst peppy-pepper in one of the dominoes outlets

Cravings!!!! Aah..

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Let me put it this way. I am in the middle of some work; assignments or office stuffs, etc. Suddenly, out of nowhere comes the mental hunt for food; which, you know may not be possible to get easily while in work…The work/assignment starts becoming seemingly boring. The mind starts to plan for a satisfying meal or snacks. I do have biscuits and fruits in my bag. I can have them. But no!! The only thing I want and thinking of in the moment is a freshly baked oven pizza dipped with cheese.. The moment becomes so strong that it brings back memories of pizza hunt in recent days and their awe of taste..Hhaha…

Cravings are quite a part of our day to day lives. Often they enable a mental fight of should I eat or should I control my self from going to the nearest outlet or just order one for self! Easy..Right?

Who wins the mental battle? Who do you finally let win ?

I let myself explore the channels of craving for quite so long in life. But mostly for shopping and lately for food.. Food and shopping are two different things and that when the craze is for food, it grows really stronger and lands you to some other mental landscape altogether..

I wasn’t matured enough to deal with the pizza or junk food fad as I was to clothes. The spending on clothes which I would just buy for fancy sake but never use them. However, in case of such food cravings, I just went with the flow.

It took me quite some time to understand that going after the cravings every alternate day was not right. It was not just affecting my budget but also controlling my mind. For a moment, I felt like I have become a slave to the cravings. I did research on ill-effects of junk food and articles on how they are anti-farmers. These readings hardly helped. Meanwhile, I also questioned myself as to why is it wrong to go after such cravings? It’s for the stomach after all and having grown up with the idea that we all live to eat or vice-versa..It doesn’t really matter. Many also say, life is short. Enjoy it to the fullest by eating whatever you want and how much you want. But at the cost of our own health?😏

So, I decided to fight over this issue. It wasn’t easy at all. I don’t mean I substituted fruits or healthy stuffs to fast food . I just tried to see how it feels if I am not running after my cravings. At least for once. The time passed. Then came over the dinner time, when I had to compulsorily eat the dinner made for us. After an hour. I hit the gym treadmill since I felt like running for a quarter hour or two.

Today I feel like I am over the fancy junk desires. It feels simply amazing to know I control my mind and not the vice-versa. Also, this is not an end to eat pizza, but just a new learning. I would surely love to catch up with friends occasionally.. ..But happy me,,it feels much like a personal growth…

When we start overthinking, or when our mind dominates our thoughts and wants,, that’s when we should understand, we are wrong in someway…. ..Free your your own way, not your mind’s way…😊

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