The habit of yoga

I complained my mother of an eye health issue that I was dealing with recently…She told me if I am still in the habit of doing yoga or have I left.

I said I am continuing my yoga practice..To her, the remedy for any of my hralhe issues or be it anybody else’s health matters,, yoga would be one the ‘to do ‘ stuffs..

I thought of giving a deep thought on why such heightened emphasis on yoga and Pranayama…Further, I had decided to listen to each of my mother’s word…I attempted doing yoga and Pranayama as per her wish..I am doing this till this date..

No, .I am not going to list here the benefits of yoga. It’s simply so about how yoga has become part of a fitness routine.

Flexibility is not the only aspect, but the feeling it leaves you with after performing yoga is beyond words.

The feeling such as, “Oh yes…It was a me time. I devoted an hour for my personal growth not just in terms of physical but also mental and emotional. Oh, right..It was a productive hour”..These range of thoughts along with the confidence of carrying forward a positive day. .

Yoga is certainly no quick help. However, it does impact our body and mind and make it fitter in the long run…

We should inculcate habits such as yoga and Pranayama…Trust me, it heals..

While breathing helps ,. Breathing with yoga helps even more….


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