When you overthink


Oh shoot!…I have loads of things to do, so much of stress to deal with…Ocassionally?? Naah,,daily..

Haha..I just hope it happens to the rarest of the rare weirdo characters like me. I keep thinking about things that are going to happen in hours, days or years, etc..It seems funny and stupid but trust me,, hovering around such thoughts keep me lost for quite much time..

As a side-node,, I have found myself to be really an emotional person and feeling for many things..Howe How, at the same time, I have also found myself super happy as I step out of room and meet friends or even the world with strangers..

I wonder where does the stress go, where are the tears hiding in the public.. How do I suddenly stand so happy as if I never had anything bothering me..

Who is the real me?? The one who is managing her tears, pain in the public or the one who loves to lock herself in the room just to mingle in solitude and her failures, break-up or still life…

A writer, local guide, fitness freak, environmental enthusiast, a social worker....
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