Moods before an exam….


So, here comes an end to the current semester I am in..The classes went fine with myself being more active and particilative than before. Days into weeks and weeks into a complete semester…And it ends up with a semester..

Semesters are so dreaded a season Noh?

Few days back, I was wondering I wanted to write my exams so well so that I could top the semester itself..Trust me, I am still new to this feeling..

I am not yet prepared for an exam which I am going to appear just tomorrow morning..Just a partially thorough preparation so far..But still, I am not up for the night to invest in preparation…Rather, I am sticking to my usual routine of 10pm speesin order to wake up early around 4am tomorrow and be able to study..

Sounds stupid Noh? At least when I have exam , I should be this serious , especially when I am hoping to write really well to ace my exams..

My friends are going to study the entire night for it ..whereas I am yet to start…

I don’t know if it will work or not.. I think it might be happening in most of your cases also..Do comment below…You have a certain time when you feel you are the most focussed and have that feeling of ‘I can still manage’ and not the overconfident tone of , ‘Oh, whatever, I can still do it’….

It should be more about smart work than hardwork Noh?…21st century skills (to know how you can outshine given the paucity of time and manage to make it through) .. I feel so…

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