A Road trip to Chandil Dam, Jharkhand

Majestic Subarnarekha river

 When day begins at 5am, followed by hectic travelling further fueled with switching to different transport modes for a couple of hours or so, not so satisfied stomach and such intense work priorities, etc. I had no idea as to how long the work schedule is going to last. And ironically, it’s Jamshedpur; new to me yet it hasn’t given me any positive city vibes so far…

So is it a barren place for the tourists or even the locals ? 

A big NO😶

Here’s an account of the majestic, magnificent beauty yet a largely unexplored area…This is Chandil Dam, in the hinterlands of Jamshedpur.

Let’s have a quick photo-walk..🤗


A calm and serene place with not much crowd though…


When friends are around; the fun tour to such places grow in bounty. Right?


Chandil dam


Way back home


Such an evening 😍



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  1. There’s many more places to visit in jamshedpur like dalma wildlife sanctuary, dimna lake, etc. where you can get to see the beauty of Nature..🏞️

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