Tender love

The days come back as we have now fallen apart,

Young were we, tender was the love.

You said your love was true; why did I believe?

Woven dreams,  change in self, fighting people for you; was I really happy ?

As we grew wider in distance; the more stronger could I feel for you.

Deep inside my heart, teased me for the feel.

Blushing the whole day; but faking the day’s tick..

And never we met; coz you never really wanted!

Knew what being in two worlds mean,

Years passed by, I moved on.

Regretting over the slightest of our memories;

Coz I now know you’re gone….

Somewhere I was hooked; with passion and dreams.

Freedom was the thing, I quite hated..

Strung hectic days; were you even in my mind?

I knew I am growing for better,

In duties and my career.

And then I saw in the midst of a road. .

Can’t say how it felt, can’t forgive self for drawing me towards you..

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