Kulhad culture trail at Bokaro, Jharkhand


What is the first thing that comes to your mind as you enter a new city ? Looking for a restroom, tea-stall, some plugs/sockets to charge your mobiles or finding an auto-rickshaw/cab to take you through the city to your booked Oyo rooms/friends’, relative’s home,etc….

My tryst with the steel city of India i.e, Bokaro was one of such kind.. Having lived in major cities of Jharkhand such as Ranchi, Jamshedpur for major part of the month,I still couldn’t get the city vibes.. However,the city of Bokaro gave me a vibe of instant connect which the above places failed to. The aspect to this feel for Bokaro was due to the well-maintained cleanliness, organised, infrastructures, public behaviour of the people,etc.


Bokaro Steel City Railway station

Bokaro is a planned city; everyone is aware of..The Wikipedia mentions too😄

But the one observation of the non-use of single-use plastic cup for tea at many of the tea/coffee stalls in Bokaro stole my heart. Instead, the shops were found using the unglazed, environment friendly clay cups famously called the ‘kulhad chai cup‘😍….


Although, due to paucity of time,I couldn’t attempt to find out how they are into such good practices,this remains to be done… However,, this observation gave me to pause and think deep about this practice.. What if every shop every where in India consider kulhad as the revolution in removing single use plastic..Every year the lighter plastic cups at tea stalls are thrown on use and with the slightest of wind, they are blown away to places in no time…They, then remain on surface for quite long years,,since they are non-biodegradable..This has a major impact on our environment and is against a low carbon life…


Is it not the time, when we should start stopping anti-environmental practices such as using ‘single use plastic cups‘ and switch to ‘kulhad cups‘….



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