How to be a good distance runner?


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They say, work hard on it, and you become one.

I say,, sometimes you never know what you wanted, and it happens and you find who you are.Just dive in to what you believe in…That’s how running has become part of me.. A forever doing and cherish able stuff..ahaan.🏃‍♀️😃

NO, if you think I run marathons and participate in long distance running events, you are at the wrong place. I am yet to introduce myself to that arena of athletic profession,,pretty soon folks..

Before you know if you are a good-runner, when is it that you realized you can actually sustain this running habit? When did you buy your pair of shoes with the only concern of running?

When is it that you started filtering your food habits according to the running routine? And when was it that you realized you felt awesome after a great long run?

Personally, when I considered deep the above notions,, I literally had goosebumps on finding something that made me push beyond my comfort zone. I had just started off with this habit, with merely any results on my body. Yet, I had started cherishing it’s presence and the fun fact that ‘aah,,this is what my passion is’.. Of course, the results in the course of few months of practice was a bonus.

Running; why, where, how, when?

Why run? It depends on the individual mostly considering his fitness needs, weights loss goals, flexibility, stamina, endurance, shaping figure, etc. I started with the same idea of shedding some pounds.. And as I progressed further, I was happy to see the desired results much more than what I had wanted.  The issue with gain of breasts weight every time  I gained body weight sucked my  peace. Not just it looked far less appealing, but it also hurt my confidence. And at a point, it was realized the clothes weren’t good for me and not vice-versa. Even with a healthy diet involving fruits and nutrients, etc,  I could’t let go of this issue.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t even realize when I had become a foodie, with routine junk loads. The further bloating stomach with each day passing, was a wake up call . I borrowed money from a friend to buy a pair of running shoes. I got them and asked her to train me for weight loss. All that I could learn from her was some training on basic exercises, stretching, etc.

After some days, as I set alone on my running journey into the fields, the feel that came along was unusually amazing. I realized I am left free of any emotions, stress, issues when I am on roads. All that was in mind was just my pace, path, shoes, distance and the songs being played in the headphones. Eventually, I began distance running merely by the love of it. I became a regular 5K runner running thrice a week followed by post-run stretches. I reclaimed my mental self and understood the essence of self care.


It felt like being in my own little happy world, full of sweat coupled with the feel of awesomeness.

Where to run?

Now, when it comes to choosing a particular setting for running, you need to be quite clear and specific on it.  The options  ranges from hitting a treadmill to hop on a big park, roads, open fields, etc. I would suggest you to stick to just one space for running; either an open space or the closed gym setting.. Choosing an open ground such as park, field, roads will get you more close to your targets and amplify your efficiency. When in treadmill, you do certainly have options of increasing speed, incline, decline, etc. However, when in fields,you can explore more of yourself through running. You can learn on proper running foot strike better with open space than on treadmills. Also, the best part is that it is free of cost unlike a gym. However, depending on weather situations, rain, heat, treadmill is  preferable generally. And, it’s almost okay.

Select a particular time when you would go for running and can stick to it on daily basis. Morning times are the best. Although, late night running an hour after supper is also great fun.  That’s how I started guys..😃

How to run?

Start with basic stretches back and forth for around 5-minutes and you are good to go. Here’s a magic trick on how you can increase upon your speed.

Here’s a hack on how you can increase upon your speed. Eat a maximum of 2-3 squares of dark chocolate before you go for run. In a quarter of hour, you will feel more free and note the  effortless increase in speed. Alternatively, if you can’t find dark chocolates, you can opt for a banana before you run. C’mon now..let’s run…🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

The 5-10-5 rule

If you want to run for 45minutes.. Start with a 5 minutes of walking followed with 10minutes of running, than 5 minutes of walking with five minutes of run. To sum it up-

Walk- 5mins > Run-10mins> Walk-5mins>Run-5mins>Walk-5mins>Run-10mins>Walk-5mins (giving enough breaks in between runs)

Running; count steps, count health….❤


All that matters is a pair of good running shoes. They define the way you go about running. Hence, it is advisable to invest in the right shoes. However, personally, I have been running with just one pair of shoes that I got for a thousand bucks. I have not yet felt the need for going in for higher brand shoes although it would be great to have one. It depends on you and your comfort..

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Happy running…


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