Unkindly kind love


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You grew close, when I ran so far.

The past was dead, but now, so is the scar.

A tinge of Glee when I now know you better,

A bond for life;  words, care, sliced platter.

Oh,life! What is this new thing with the soul?

When the punishing part is now my reclaimed whole…

On a break-up note, he asked me to smile.

I tried getting better, oh! Kept me ajile..

Even now! You are the same.

The way you talk, the way you play me games..

How then the earth is trying to bridge?

Our distance from soul, when my thoughts are freezed!

How do I know what you really are?

How do I believe, we are way past our war?

Is it that we are getting into each other?

Into the ideas and words that no longer bother..

Should I thank now for this to have happened?

Will you make sure that your love would stay deepened?





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