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Caffeination is cool…

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So, I recently bumped into a coffee beans store..I was amazed to find a variety of coffee beans ranging from Chikmagalur coffee, Coorg, Malabar A, Malabar AA( a stronger version of Malabar A)..The room was filled with coffee smell all around. It was such an aura. For a coffee hunter such as me, it’s a bliss moment. There’s something about coffee that it delights soul to the core. Right?

I tasted few of the varieties of coffee that they had, including the imported caffiene stuffs. Their smell varied according to beans. The Coorg, Karnataka coffee beans, smelled the best. It became such a zone that I felt like buying at least a few samples in small quantity. But, the high price sensitivity had it. 🙃

While on the exit entrance, something caught my eye. It was a packet of green coffee. To me, it’s a new version of coffee that I was completely unaware of. I just knew of green tea so far. That’s it! 

I learnt that, coffee in its green avatar is nothing but unroasted coffee beans which on roasting becomes our aromatic brown beans. Green Coffee is otherwise called as milled beans.

I went on see how it would taste. On a sip, I noticed it smells just as coffee. I saw the labelling that said, it’s good for health. It regulates blood pressure, improves mood.

I bought it impulsively to get a new change in life and a modification to my coffee habits. It’s just a couple of times that I have sipped on to green coffee. Yet, it feels so relaxing. A greater part on if it benefits or not will show up in my subsequent blogs. However, I am quite certain that green cofee is a healthy drink. You might not be interested to have it due to the taste. Yes, folks! Initially, it does taste like neem leaves on boiled water. But, it takes no time to be used to it. Just make sure, you don’t addict yourself to it. 😀

Stay healthy, stay happy 🥰

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