Probably love is less in demand


Ever thought of why people who we care a lot about, don’t even bother to think of you despite such watering of concern?

Ever realised the one you love, has never taken you seriously?Even if they do show some care back, it’s just a plain show. This pretentious deal hardly lasts for long.

And have you even felt, people you care are good to you, behaving gently as long as you behave in the same way? And when the moods aren’t in sync anymore, they easily slip away from your contacts, from your life.


What do we call such people? A fake persona?

No, no ! The heart wouldn’t want coz we love them deep.

Why do we still hold on to them?

Oh, for reasons of hope and belief!

All they ever care is your ways to help them,

All they ever need is your time to unbore’em.

Ever realised, you have already lost much of life, wasting to repair such relationships? Is the loss irreparable, you ask. It’s just too late, but yes need an escape, comes an answer.

Oh, life! How weird do you become?

Coiled with uncertainty.

When her heart says, no more for love and no more for love.

Though she knows, she has sunk deep quite much for love.



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