Love and mental health are delicately intertwined.



Do you really care about yourself as you get to deal with the greys from love, attachments or say some insane obsessions

Do you really consider the term ”self respect’ for yourself when you are stuck in arguments; be it petty or large?

What’s your space for yourself beneath the spread of love? 

Twinning ‘life is sometimes cruel’ with’ love is after all a life within the life‘.

I wonder how would the term ‘love’ would handle the world” word out, if it were a human. Everybody has different thoughts on love, based on experiences, through friends’ stories, caring family and networks, social work, and what not. To each of the being, is attached a string of love, that the person himself knows why he feels a certain way. It certainly isn’t always the positive. Rather, the grey’s of love one has to attach to himself. 

In a stance, when you are closer to the one you love, makes you crazy and mad. While in another blow, when he is not around, your heart keeps longing for him.

Girl, you know. It’s gonna be a long wait. Especially, in a long distance relationship.

          Are you mindful of your mental health when being in such deep commitment?

• Nobody is sitting idle. You are always up and close with deadlines and the clock’s tick. Now, your focus should primarily be on getting your job done. Your brain should be signalling ways to deal with workloads. After all, that decides your future; your immediate future with either good grades or call it a promotion..And out of the blues, you end up messing up with your loved ones over a silly argument. Now, studies have found and experiences uproar that there is a certain drift observed in the way you deal with your work. However hard, you may try, you just can’t, in most of the times balance this personal over professional stuff. Do you? You seem disturbed and the work just doesn’t get done like a fire of passion for it. It faces a subtle finishing making you an average doer. Also, isn’t it the love that took over your emotions. So whom can you put the blame on?

Now, let’s say, such things tend to happen over and over again. Isn’t it going to affect your mental health? Or are you fine with the stuffs that bothers your heart? Your feelings? Your emotions? 


Still, there are plenty of cases where people still hold on to such love. With this, love shows you it’s both sides of good and bad. The irony is , you are crying for days and weeks long just to get over the last fight you had. Or, say the last misunderstanding took place. Not to sound gender biased, but it’s seen that the female partners are more into such stress than the male counterparts. I might be wrong here but for men, they  are supposedly less likely to bleed tears for skirmishes or even a big terrible fight. Also,that doesn’t mean they are less affectionate and don’t love you back. As a matter of fact, they do care about you as much as you do. However, girls, on the other hand just don’t happen to stop when they start crying over what went wrong. No sooner than later, the thought of ”Is it over?”, “Did he just really leave me?”, “Oh, probably I am not wanted” surfaces.

It does take time to calm yourself and see the light that the world and your life holds for you.

Oh, so what I just meant is that, love is so delicately entwined with our mental health. 

I hardly ever thought if love could be dealt in relation with the arena of mental health. Why would I be? Love, after all is an array of feel-good vibes. Right?

Sadly, no! Not always!!

I am sharing a conversation that I had with a friend recently. She herself is a student of Masters in Mental health, from a renowned social sciences College in India.

In the course of a transact walk, she happened to open up on her woes and falls in her relationship. To add with, she mentioned that she is always at the victimized end. In a bid to explain her voice and having faed to do so, she would cry for hours long. But, he is less likely to be all ears. She is always the one  having to compromise and sort things out. We do hold this deep fear of losing our loved ones? Right? So did she.


The situation became this worse that she had to go through thorough counseling. Despite several referrals, she is dealing with anxiety and is in a web of depression.

She hasn’t freed her mind.

She hasn’t tried out the possible doables, to overcome the situation.

Rather, she has started taking medicines targetted to just fine tune her mental health.

Is it going to do her any good? I mean,in the long term.

On the contrary, there is another story by another friend. This, in particular, will help you deal with relationship as well as make you learn balancing life, mind and your freaked out love.

The couple share a long distance relationship of over 8 years and still counting. There is no single day, when there are no quarrels. They hadn’t conversed with each other for years in a row. Yet, the love stands deep. So was the case of previous friend. But what makes this case different  is that the partners knew why they wanted to stay together. They took time to calm. They turn up again and resettle their issues. No wonder, such sorting of issues have happened over a hundred times. But the couple feels that they are bettering their relationship. The element of understanding each other has developed and there is nothing but deeper love. They just gave their own selves some time to be out of this thought. This made them realise that the issues are not that giant to keep fighting for. However, they also made sure, they keep up with the communication in whatever ways possible. Despite being thousand miles apart, they are mad for each other. Besides, the key also lied in understanding and accepting the flaws of each other.


So, yes. The first step lies in focussing on your mental wellness. Later, you can decide upon how you deal with your relationships. And you would certainly do it in the right way. Because,you want it to work out well. Right?

If you are facing such kind of depression, just talk to someone. It helps. Go for a walk, or run a mile. Do some yoga. It would do wonders. Focus on good things in life or just go insanely crazy for food cravings. Have some green coffee. Relax your mood. Tune in to music streamings. Do whatever it takes, just find yourself. And tell me,who wouldn’t love to be with you when you are striving to be the better version of you?


The above sounds so easy. But if you actually do it, it’s even much easier. You just need to start doing it. The time is now.

Focus on yourself; let go of the stress for the moment. Decide to rise. Deal with love wisely. Push your grey mood. And you will win back your good times back.

So, are you up to be your wannabe better self?



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