Words; arrows to mind

Ever thought of the ways our mind reacts to the words that we come across in our daily lives?

Words flow to us in three main ways;

•You hear it.

•You read it.

•You feel/sense it.

Don’t we often mess ourselves around with the people just for the words spoken to us?

Don’t we often fail to comprehend the speech used?

Don’t we level the words with our tolerable self and judge before responding?

Are you amongst the most who have screwed their best of relationships just because of misinterpreting others’ vocabulary/ communication?

It just occurred to me that what is it which I take quite seriously. Are they the heard words, a written piece, or something that I can feel or emote strongly about?

The fun part is, the more you will delve into it, the more will it complicate your mind.

This is where many have found their rescue in mindfulness and meditation. When they say, ‘calm yourself’, it’s not just about your anger, anxiety, aggressiveness but also hints on to your mental space.

Mind is to peace and peace is to a good life.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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  1. kranti kumar says:

    It’s important to understand the situation and react accordingly.

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