Beyond self – doubt

What is life if it shows you no way?

What if you don’t know how to go about your day?

The clouds of self-doubt hold you back, for sure.

Push yourself, try it for once.

And that’s where you would find your cure..

Sometimes with the knock of exam alerts, our hearts pound with an unknown fear. It happens to most of us when we want ourselves to be at the other end of success that can be garnered with hardwork, discipline and perseverance. The D- day knocks, and we learn that we are doomed realising we haven’t prepared much. In most cases, the tests or challenges are optional. This means, you can wish to write various exams to test your potential, keep a job option, practice of writing exams and many more reasons. Right?

Now, for those who started quite late to be in the loop of exam, the doubt of whether to attempt an exam or not is quite obvious. Despite persistence throughout the journey, even though small, we tend to consider ourselves unfit for the tests.

There are many ways to look at it.

• Visualising yourself to be blank during exams.

• Realising the money spent on buying materials for it, but not having enough time to prepare.

• Being influenced by friends that you should rather aim for bigger exams and drop the current one, etc.

• Giving an ear to people who say there is not much time left to prepare.

What makes us  stuck in making decisions in such situations?

In my opinion, one should just pursue what your heart feels is right. The world will always have something or the other to say, despite you being a success or average or just nothing. It doesn’t count what the world consider you.

Rather, it is crucial to understand how well do you know about you.

Push yourself; we hear it quite often. Right? It has become such an easy say in the generation.. But in the actual practice, this phrase holds a great step in making us who we really want to be.

When in dillema, think of yourself, trust your capabilities. What if you attempt the exam and end up acing it? That will certainly make a difference in your life and put you up in a higher pedestal.

Even if you lose, you will learn the process and get an edge over the preparation aspect. Hence, you win in both ways.







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