Tete-a-tete with India’s motivational runner, Om Dany Saran…

And when you starve for the fuel of light,

And when the solitude grows too loud.

And when helping yourself is beyond your might

Step ahead, go run; to find your wellness cloud. 



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The beauty of running can hardly be described in words. For those who are into a fitness regime, running is inextricably linked to their daily lives. Be it a breezy morning run or be it a post-work running routine, the after feel of running is simply amazing. Let’s explore the idea of running with one of India’s motivational runner, Dany Saran. Dany hails from Bikaner in Rajasthan. He has won the Khardungla 72kms Run challenge, 2017 along with securing 2nd position in 100kms Run in Bhatti Lake Ultra, 2017.

Tell us a bit about yourself.  

I am a runner by passion and a medical team professional with Indian Air Force currently posted in Bangalore. I have been into running since the last two years.

What are your key motivation for running marathons?

A marathon is where I aware myself of my limits. It helps me to push myself for better. Besides, a marathon is a great idea for staying fit and healthy.

What is it that you enjoy the most about running?

My mental limitation of my body.

Tell us about your long range goals in running.

To be part of 24hr stadium run for 240km, finishing 555kms La Ultra and IRONMAN run.

What are some of your short/medium term goals?

24hrs Stadium run of NEB sports and fininshing all major full marathons of India such a Tata Mumbai Marathon, IDBI run, ADHM, Satara Hills, etc.

What events do you like the best and why?

I love running for 42k and ultra since our physical and mental limitations are better tested through long distance runs like ultras. It fills me with an immense feel of satisfaction, happiness and positivity.


Tell us about your current personal best in your running events.

I participated in GLORY RUN 4500km that was organised by Indian Air Force. The run had to be finished in 45 days. Apart from that, I have completed 100k in 13hrs, 84k in 10hrs, 80k in 9:30hrs, 74k in 9:20hrs, 72k in 9:20hrs, a full marathon in 3:40hrs, half marathon in 1:30hrs and a shorter run of 10k run in 41mins.

What are the areas in which you need to improve upon?

I need to work upon my diet plan currently. I am also training for strengthening muscles.

What is your running life in a week be like?

I practice running daily with proper pre and post-run stretches followed by a nutritional diet plan. I finish my week with a long run or a half marathon practice. I do not have a personal trainer. I prefer running in the morning as it fits well with my duty schedules of IAF.


What are your other interests apart from athletics?

Travelling apart from running has been my constant joy.

What are your pre and post run exercise like?

Pre run exercise constitute opening up the muscles with specific focus on legs, hips, ankle, calf, hamstring, neck and shoulder exercises. Post run is basically to relax the muscle targeting lower back, thighs, quad stretch arms and abs, etc.

What constitutes your diet?

Fuelling self with good food is of primary importance when it comes to running, especially the long distance runs. Being a vegan, I prefer to intake more of protein diet and green veggies and fruits in sufficient quantity. I also consume protein supplement with milk. Staying hydrated is very important and I make sure I drink around 6-9 litres of water per day. Besides, a sound sleep of 7-9 hours is also quite important.


How do you avail promotional offers from various marathons events?

I get to know about them through my friends in my running community. Social media has been a great platform for promotion.

Any encounters with injuries due to running?

No such injuries as such.

What, according to you are your key responsibilities being a motivational runner of India?

  • To motivate at least 10 people to start running in their life.
  • Running with beginners to support them.
  • To tell people about the benefits of running.

How do you manage to keep the momentum going?

I feel, proper time management between your passion and profession is key to keep up with the momentum required. Work balanced is mind balanced.

Your advice to the aspiring athletes.

Running is a beautiful thing. It is amongst the few sports which gives us a full body development i.e, physically, mentally, emotionally as well as socially. Running a step means moving or exercising 200 muscles at a time. It reduces stress and helps you find yourself. Cultivate this habit of running. Believe me, running works like a magic in life. Start with a step, end with a mile. Happy Running!😊