Happy losing you




A new dawn surfaces, but you are not to be found.

My dusk longs for you, at the minimum.

You are still not to be found.

Oh, love ! You played it safe..

Till I could stand for you, you held me strong.

You got new friends, many being girls.

Each of their words affected you.

But never a hum of mine.

What a kick, such a crass.

I let go of my own self for you.

You had me like a privilege.

You never cared.

And left me rotting.

The beaches, the wine;

now feels like I forced you to make me shine.

Now our love stands lost.

I am beyond happy and don’t find you around.

All of me; my soul, my heart, my mind, belongs to me.

All of you, friends, fling, your momentary glee.

Oh, such a liar!

You damn!!!!



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