Games with emotions

A lark girl that I used to be,

With my sharp perspectives that kept me free.

I guess, now, I’ve got my mind stuck to a mess

I sense I am now no longer the usual strong me.

For I forgot that your sweet words were a trap,

Your bad intentions, I never checked around.

U showed love for my fame, money, Oh! u such a crap;

And bulldozed my sorted rhythm that I had through great struggle.

So letting go is the option,

I chose to never call u back

But deeply haunted, I lost trust on myself.

Realised self -love is the only thing now that I lack

I woke at 4 today, with a dream of yours,

A bit disturbed for sure, I was,

But I fought so bad to find my cure,

But, sensed a thing that I truly don’t need you near.

An emotion I held for 2 short months,

Our virtual conversation, that I took for real.

I am right back on my mentally me strong ,

Watch me, go. Till the world knows the best of me.

A writer, local guide, fitness freak, environmental enthusiast, a social worker....

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