Probably love is less in demand

Ever thought of why people who we care a lot about, don’t even bother to think of you despite such watering of concern? Ever realised the one you love, has never taken you seriously?Even if they do show some care back, it’s just a plain show. This pretentious deal hardly lasts for long. And have […]


How to be a good distance runner?

They say, work hard on it, and you become one. I say,, sometimes you never know what you wanted, and it happens and you find who you are.Just dive in to what you believe in…That’s how running has become part of me.. A forever doing and cherish able stuff..ahaan.🏃‍♀️😃 NO, if you think I run […]

Kulhad culture trail at Bokaro, Jharkhand

What is the first thing that comes to your mind as you enter a new city ? Looking for a restroom, tea-stall, some plugs/sockets to charge your mobiles or finding an auto-rickshaw/cab to take you through the city to your booked Oyo rooms/friends’, relative’s home,etc…. My tryst with the steel city of India i.e, Bokaro was […]

A Road trip to Chandil Dam, Jharkhand

 When day begins at 5am, followed by hectic travelling further fueled with switching to different transport modes for a couple of hours or so, not so satisfied stomach and such intense work priorities, etc. I had no idea as to how long the work schedule is going to last. And ironically, it’s Jamshedpur; new to […]

The World We Are Yet To Build; Robin Hood Army

How self sufficient are we in food? No, no.. Let’s not limit ourselves here to just our families and immediate communities. .. I am certain that, for most of us what would come to mind is the glimpse of vulnerable people begging on streets for food. ..Rightly so…. Now, just imagine you are at the […]

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