In odds with Nutrition

A couple of days ago, my best friend went on narrating a case study on health and nutrition, that she was made to write as part of her IGNOU assignment. The narrative goes on like-“A young girl in her teens is going to college. You are required to pack a meal for her. The meal […]


For them;with them

“Writing self-notes is far more engaging than those reports we do for institutional mandate“. It was during my year-long placement at YWCA that I was exposed to a work environment where I had to work for people by directly engaging with them. The nature of work I wished to do with them was also largely […]

How much of life?

A scary dream and a crook landlord, My peppy youth, and his nasty bore. Refrained peace and his sunken soul Clan, friends or reflection; he missed it all. Like a bald eagle pitching around just me to hear; his shack being a lair underfoot. Living a life in search of peace, some streak of devour, […]

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