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Words; arrows to mind

Ever thought of the ways our mind reacts to the words that we come across in our daily lives? Words flow to us in three main ways; •You hear it. •You read it. •You feel/sense it. Don’t we often mess ourselves around with the people just for the words spoken to us? Don’t we often […]


How to be a good distance runner?

They say, work hard on it, and you become one. I say,, sometimes you never know what you wanted, and it happens and you find who you are.Just dive in to what you believe in…That’s how running has become part of me.. A forever doing and cherish able stuff..ahaan.🏃‍♀️😃 NO, if you think I run […]

A Sound Sleep for a Sound Mind…

Sleep deprivation prevents us from having a good, active day ahead… Lately, I started putting in efforts to reform my life at least in few aspects such as proper food intake, exercise, early morning, etc. My strict routine demanded me to get up early around 4’0 clock. With this, I could access a space for […]

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